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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I process the payment?

Payment can be made through a minimum down payment of 50% or a full payment in advance. If you make a down payment, you will pay the rest after the creative process is complete and before we submit any files.

Is there gonna be extra fees?

Not from us, but any third party services you requested (models, photo studios, and/or licensing) will be charged to you.

Can I get a discount or something extra for free?

No, details on what you’ll get on your service are already described on the product page. We are not obligated to do any work outside the service package and revision rounds you pay for.

Can I get my money back if I decided to cancel the work?

No, there will be no refunds on your cancellation. However, should we cancel the project because of force majeure, we will offer full or partial refund as an option depending on the circumstances.

Working With Us

What should I prepare before using your service?

Make sure our design and style suit your needs by viewing our past works.

Please prepare important information about your brand (history, product knowledge, S.W.O.T, etc.) and any required brand assets (logo, brand identity, typefaces, etc.)

Are you available 24/7?

No, the effective hours and the actual work will take on Monday to Friday between 9AM to 5PM WIB, national holidays excluded. However, our project managers will do their best to respond anytime they’re available.

What if I don't like the initial results?

Nailing a design on the first try is a rare occasion, that’s why there are revision rounds. Our designers will do the work according to our understanding of the brief, discovery results, your brand needs, and your expectations.

If you have very specific references and/or expectation, it will be easier to tell us in advance.

What if I still don't like the results after all revision rounds used up?

When doing and revising the work, we won’t merely do what you ask us but also consider important creative points that you may not have considered. If there is any questionable requests, we will tell you what it is, why it’s questionable, give you other suggestions, and ask whether you want to go with our suggestion or not.

If all revision rounds is up,  you can purchase more rounds for IDR 750.000 per round.

What if I change my mind midway?

Unfortunately, we will not go back to the previous phase that has been declared complete. If you have any major change of mind or business pivot that require a do-over, you will need to purchase a new package and start the process from the beginning.

Restarting a project will be considered a cancellation, so there will be no refunds on the ditched project.