L’Neviz Cosmetics

BRAND DEVELOPMENT L’Neviz Cosmetics Overview L’Neviz Cosmetics is an Essential Oils Skincare Brand based on Surabaya, East Java, founded by Nesya Marcella in 2019. From this project, L’Neviz wants to emerge with a new face, a natural, feminine, and elegant identity. L’Neviz wants to approach and entice their target audience with a modern and elegant […]

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LOGO DESIGN Alaiya Overview Alaiya is a new clothing brand that provide variety of fun and friendly illustrated T-shirts, primarily intended for young females. The brand wants to convey a sense of cheerful self-expression through various self-made illustration on their T-shirts. They were eager to emerge in a soft and bright brand identity. The founder

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Necklace by PA

LOGO DESIGN Necklace by PA Overview When it comes to boosting your confidence, Necklace by PA (or NBP) believes that you should invest in your beauty. With their jewelry, NBP aims to bring you a feeling of exclusivity and confidence, worked with all the precise details and processes that make it possible to create unique

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INSTAGRAM MANAGEMENT Hello Panda Hello Panda is a Japanese biscuit brand, manufactured by PT Meiji Food Indonesia, under the license from Meiji Seika. In this project, we created a set of Instagram posts for @hellopandaid to celebrate Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr, holidays and to highlight their Cheese Cream variant. Credits CLIENT Meiji Food Indonesia PRODUCERS Saturated Works PERIODS

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BRAND DEVELOPMENT Reramban Overview Reramban is an Ecoprinting Fashion Brand based on Malang, East Java, founded by Evi Kurniawati and her son in December 2016. The purpose of Reramban is to provide an eco-friendly yet stylish fashion items while doing their part in saving the environment. Reramban uses sustainable and eco-friendly materials in all of

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SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT @wahreg.id Overview Wahreg is a Food and Beverage business based on Surabaya. We had the amazing opportunity to manage their Instagram from September 2020 to January 2021. @wahreg.id managed to get more than 1.500 followers on their Instagram to establish the brand’s trustworthiness. In general, the first 1.000 followers of a business is the

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SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT @velo.vista Overview Velo Vista is a cycling event planned to be held in Cangar, Malang on March 2021. The goal of @velo.vista Instagram account was to provide relevant information to potential participants and reassure them to join the event. Registration Instruction Event Schedule Credits CLIENT Velo Vista 2021 PRODUCERS Saturated Works PROJECT MANAGERS Christina

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SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT @kukis.tantedarla Overview Tante Darla is a homemade pudding and bakery based in Jakarta and Surabaya. By bringing more fun and light contents to @kukis.tantedarla Instagram account, we managed to encourage the audience to engage with the account. We also introduced “Cake of the Week” campaign by highlighting one cake per week in order to

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Velo Vista Video Production

VIDEO PRODUCTION Velo Vista Video Production https://youtu.be/celxE9Sp7tc Vélo Vista is a cycling event held in 2021. The brief of this project was to create three videos. One fun and casual promotional video showing that Vélo Vista is not a full-fledged bike-racing event like other events, and two sponsored videos showing the relevance of the sponsors

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